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SCCM Task sequence design

We design an agile, consistent, repeatable & documentable dynamic task sequences using the power of sccmtspsi task sequence deployment orchestrator. 

Application packaging

We leverage the strength of MSIX to provide modern packaging experience and also create legacy MSI installers. In either case helping organisation with both their SCCM and Intune needs.

design path to co-management

Co-management is one of the primary ways to attach your existing Configuration Manager deployment to the Microsoft 365 cloud. We help plan and move workloads to the Cloud.

Powershell package Wrappers

By wrapping an existing Windows Installer or complex installation package in a PowerShell script, we can perform deployment tasks both before and after installation.


SCCM task sequence deployment orchestrator

osd365’s sccmtspsi is an SCCM task sequence deployment orchestrator used by organisations to manage the deployment of operating system task sequences. Reduces use of complex scripts, increases SOE build success, Agile release of task sequence deployments, prevents data loss and creates a repeatable & easily documented SOE environment. Watch video below or click button to find out more.

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