WPSecure wallpaper request tool

This step is only required for the Professional plan. In the Enterprise plan, we do the design and creation of the wallpapers; so a ‘WPSecure wallpaper request file generation’ is not required.

The WPSecure wallpaper request tool is used to create the WPSecure wallpaper request.

But, before we get into this topic. Have you done the following?

  • Created one image in landscape for every screen resolution within your organization.
  • Created one image in portrait for every screen resolution within your organization.
  • Is the image sizes less than 5 MB each?
  • Only 120 images have been added.
  • The total size of all the included images is less than or equal to 100 MB.
  • The images are of filetype JPEG with a .jpg extension.

Please note: The payment is per request. Any moves, adds or changes will be considered a new request.

After your graphics designer has designed all the necessary wallpapers, review the wallpapers and create a WPSecure wallpaper request using the WPSecure wallpaper request tool.

Where is the WPSecure wallpaper request tool?

WPSecure wallpaper package WPSecure wallpaper packaging request

The download package (ZIP) has four files.

  1. The WPSecure wallpaper request tool (MSI).
  2. The WPSecure wallpaper (MSI). [For demo version this will be the demo wallpapers]
  3. Text file with installation information.

in this section, we’ll only discuss the WPSecure wallpaper request tool. After installing the “WPSecure wallpaper request tool.msi” (found inside the ZIP file).

Open the WPSecure wallpaper request tool from the start menu.

Messaging using computer wallpaper

The application opens up with an information page.

Secure wallpaper deployment using SCCM

Click on the button at the bottom of the information page to start the request generation process.

The next page as seen in the image below is self-explanatory.

Wallpaper deployment using group policy

Click to add wallpaper: Add up to 100 images (landscape and portrait display orientations). Only accepts JPEG file types with (.jpg) file extension. Size per image should be less than 5 MB.

Click to remove selected items: Select item by a single click and click this button to remove the selected item.

Click to import old request file: If you have already generated a request file, but are wanting to add or remove wallpaper images, click this button to import the ZIP request file.

Click to generate new request file: Click this button to generate a new WPSecure wallpaper request file (ZIP file).

Single-click an item to select it. Double click the item to view the selected image.

how to deploy a wallpaper

The next step will be to submit the generated request file to us for Encryption, Signing and Packaging.

WPSecure wallpaper package WPSecure wallpaper packaging request
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