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SCCM task sequence UI – Set computer name and more during an SCCM task sequence deployment

It is always a unique challenge of having to build an OSD experience that includes providing a great user experience during the deployment of a new operating system.

The attached application would allow you to present a front-end to an active end-user who is executing the SCCM task sequence……

Keywords: SCCM tasksequence UI, SCCM Task Sequence User interface, SCCM task sequence Set computer name.


  1. This is a very nice article Trent; well written.

    I saw this problem with one of my customers a few years ago.

    They had an Application Installation script that loaded the default user registry-hive but, occasionally failed to unload it.

    But this only affected users who login to the device for the first time because the user’s profile was fashioned after the default users ‘ntuser.dat’.

    The troubleshooting process was tedious and time consuming. The above implementation would have helped us.