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Application Packaging Services

Enterprise application packaging is a process of realigning or restructuring a third-party application installation process to suit the needs of your organisation.

Customized application installer packages keeps your computing platform clean during and after the installation process.

Application packaging is a time consuming and expensive process. Outsourcing this process to us provide you the following benefits.

  • No term contracts.
  • No investments to purchase application packaging tools.; We have them all.
  • No hunting for application packaging skills; We’ve got you covered. 
  • No more hiring expensive application packaging contractors for months.
  • All packages are signed using a ‘Extended Validation Code Signing certificate’ (If applicable).

SCCM Task Sequence management | SOE management

We can help create and manage your SCCM standard operating environment (SOE).

We can implement a Agile task sequence deployment scenario using sccmtspsi.

Keep your OS deployment related activities as a different Realm; logically separated from the rest of your SCCM environment.

sccmtspsi is an SCCM task sequence deployment orchestrator used by organisations to manage the deployment of operating system task sequences. 

The orchestrator reduces use of complex scripts, increases SOE build success, Agile release of task sequence deployments, prevents data loss and creates a repeatable & easily documented SOE environment.