Why is it free?

SCCMTSPSI is a proprietary software designed and made by SCCM engineers at osd365 Limited for other global SCCM engineers. Countless ideas from around the world are the building blocks of the software. So it is only fair to allow business of all sizes to use SCCMTSPSI for free.

How often do you release new versions?

A new version is released every time Microsoft release a new version of WinPE (Windows Pre-Execution environment) along with their Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

Does a paid token have flexible expiry dates?

Yes. With a paid license token, an organization can choose their license duration. License token are forward compatible for up to two versions. For privacy and security reasons we do not store license tokens in our system; so backup your token after you receive it.

Are the tokens completely offline?

Yes. After the free token is downloaded; SCCMTSPSI and its components operate offline. Privacy and security are at the center of SCCMTSPSI’s design. All license tokens are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standards.

How often do I need to download the Free token?

The free token expires every month. But you can write scripts to download the free token automatically. The token is a small file which does not take long to download.

What type of encryption do you use for the license tokens and configuration file?

All license tokens and configuration files are encrypted using encryption standards detailed in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and ISO/IEC 18033-3:: Block ciphers.

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