3.Token request tool

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The token request tool is used to request a Paid sccmtspsi license token for an operator or for the Organisation. 

Note: sccmtspsi is a Proprietary but Free software that can be used by anyone.

Paid license tokens can be purchased for the following reasons:

  • License token expiry date can be set by the licensee at the time of purchase or renewal. The FREE license token expires every month.
  • Optionally: With PAID licenses (User and Organisation) You could choose to show your custom video or your Service provider who provides sccmtspsi as-a-service might choose to show their own custom video advertisements. Custom videos require re-issue of the paid license token(s) and will be charged separately per token. Custom video implementation is an additional paid feature for Paid license tokens but is optional.

A token is generated based on certain unique active directory attributes. The following values and attributes are required to generate and issue a token.

Paid license for Users/Organisation are complied based on the following attributes. For organisational license tokens user based attributes are ignored.

Active Directory attributes : company, mailgivenName, sn, streetAddress, l, couserGUID, domainGUID.

! ! Important notice !! : The request token generated by the ‘Token Request Tool’ is encrypted using encryption standards detailed in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and ISO/IEC 18033-3:: Block ciphers. For privacy and security reasons, We DO NOT save any of the above attribute data into our systems after issuing the license token. So if the license token is lost or tampered with, the licensee will have to re-submit a newly generated request token to receive a new paid license token which will be charged separately. It is best practice to backup your license token to a safe location within your network.


  • Purchase a Paid sccmtspsi license token, only if you have used the Free license token first. Check if sccmtspsi works within your environment.
  • Paid license tokens can only be issued to a person (Employee, Contractor etc) or for an Organisation.
  • The Paid license token owner should have all of these attributes set. [company, mailgivenName, sn, streetAddress, l, couserGUID, domainGUID].
  • A Paid license token cannot be shared between two people. But Organisation license tokens can be used by all user with a Domain whose domainGUID  was used for licensing.
  • Any change to the above listed active directory attributes will require a new Paid license token [Reissue of a token will incur cost and completion of a declaration form).
  • Prerequisites : This tool requires dot Net framework 4.5 or higher.

How to launch the token request tool: After installing the sccmtspsi components application (Download button at the top). Launch the tool from the start menu.

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