3.Token request tool

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The token request tool is used to request a offline sccmtspsi token for an operator. 

Note: sccmtspsi is a Proprietary but Free software that can be used by anyone. Offline tokens can be purchased to completely run sccmtspsi offline without any advertisements or online sponsorship.

A token is generated based on certain unique active directory attributes. The following values and attributes are required to generate and issue a token.

Active Directory attributes : company, mailgivenName, sn, streetAddress, l, couserGUID, domainGUID.


  • Purchase a offline sccmtspsi token, only if have used the free online version first. Check if sccmtspsi works within your environment.
  • Offline tokens can only be issued to a person (Employee, Contractor etc).
  • The offline token owner should have all of these attributes set. [company, mailgivenName, sn, streetAddress, l, couserGUID, domainGUID].
  • A offline token cannot be shared between two people.
  • The Operator (A person physically sitting before the computer.) has to have a offline sccmtspsi token.
  • Any change to the above listed active directory attributes will require a new offline token [Reissue of a token will incur cost and completion of a declaration form).
  • Prerequisites : This tool requires dot Net framework 4.5 or higher.

How to launch the token request tool: After installing the sccmtspsi components application (Download button below). Launch the tool from the start menu.

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