sccmtspsi components

Current Version: 10.1.19041.1 (Contact us for older versions)

sccmtspsi components contain the following elements.


The Windows PE customizer: Customizes your Windows PE image (Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit) with the sccmtspsi orchestration components. Read more.

The configuration tool: used to generate or edit a “sccmtspsi.config” file. Read more.

Token request tool: The token request tool is used to request a 365 days sccmtspsi license token for an operator or for the Organisation (This is an optional service). Read more.

Task sequence executable: Perform robust operation during task sequence deployment runtime. Read more. [Not published but inside the Program Files (x86)  folder]

sccmtspsi components

Starting with ADK version [Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit] 10.1.19041.1, the version number of the ADK WinPE Addon and the version number of “sccmtspsi components” should be the same. See images below for more clarity.

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