WPSecure Cybersecurity desktop wallpaper background demo

Here’s a clever way to get your employees clued up on Cybersecurity. Desktop wallpaper background messaging is a robust way to visually remind your employees about the importance of email, web, password, and device security.

The Cybersecurity WPSecure wallpaper package is deployment ready both to the Cloud and On-Premise devices by the means of an MSI file (Microsoft Installer). The WPSecure wallpaper package has within it 4 different wallpaper themes that will be picked in random during different triggers. WPSecure wallpaper packages provide message clarity, message reach, message flexibility, message security and a process-driven approach to internal corporate messaging.

This WPSecure package is a DEMO package that contains a ‘Watermark

Click here to buy the full version: https://osd365.com/product/wpsecure-cybersecurity-computer-wallpaper-background/

Install sequence:

  1. Open the ZIP file.
  2. Install the wpsecure-cyberscurity-wallpaper-demo.msi. (This is the secure wallpaper package)
  3. (Optional) install WPSecure wallpaper request tool.msi (This is used to create a WPSecure wallpaper signing request).
  4. (Optional) install WPSecure wallpaper campaign manager.msi (This is used to create campaigns and schedules).

After installing the demo, try the following.

  • Change one of the monitor screen’s display orientation from landscape to portrait.
  • Change screen resolution of one or more of the screens.
  • Rearrange the displays.
  • Use the campaign manager to create campaigns and schedules if you use multiple versions of WPSecure wallpaper packages.

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