WPSecure Corporate desktop wallpaper background for Christmas – demo

Greet and thank your Employees during this Christmas season. Desktop wallpaper messaging is a robust way to show your gratitude to your Employees.

This Christmas WPSecure wallpaper package is deployment ready both to the Cloud and On-Premise devices by the means of an MSI file (Microsoft Installer). The WPSecure wallpaper package has within it 4 different wallpaper themes that will be picked in random during different triggers. WPSecure wallpaper packages provide message clarity, message reach, message flexibility, message security and a process-driven approach to internal corporate messaging.

Install sequence:

  1. Open the ZIP file.
  2. Install the WPSecure Wallpaper Package – Christmas demo.msi. (This is the secure wallpaper package)
  3. (Optional) install WPSecure wallpaper request tool.msi (This is used to create a WPSecure wallpaper signing request).
  4. (Optional) install WPSecure wallpaper campaign manager.msi (This is used to create campaigns and schedules).

After installing the demo, try the following.

  • Change one of the monitor screen’s display orientation from landscape to portrait.
  • Change screen resolution of one or more of the screens.
  • Rearrange the displays.
  • Use the campaign manager to create campaigns and schedules if you use multiple versions of WPSecure wallpaper packages.

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